Staying connected to your pup even when you are far away from home – Furbo: World’s No.1 Dog Camera powered by Facebook community of dog lovers


As an AI-powered Dog Camera for pet monitoring, Furbo has been extremely well-received by consumers worldwide since its launch in 2016, hitting No.1 on U.S. Amazon’s bestseller list in Pet Cameras and Monitors category. Through Facebook community, Furbo brings together dog lovers and people who like Furbo’s products from all over the world, allowing them to share their thoughts and experience anytime, anywhere. The powerful targeting and advertising tools of Facebook also enable Furbo to reach more consumers and bring their interactive smart Dog Camera to pawrents around the globe.

Keeping tabs on your furbaby with Furbo Dog Camera
In Western countries, households with dogs have outnumbered those with children. Dogs have become the most important family members to many people. They bring you joy while you are at home, and how to keep them safe can be a serious concern when they are home alone.
Developed by Tomofun CEO Victor Chang and CMO Maggie Cheung, Furbo adopts remote interactive technology tailored for dog lovers. It supports live streaming, helping pet owners to stay connected with your dogs through AI recognition technology and two-way audio communication. Furbo also gives you a great way to remotely interact with your dogs and toss them treats. With Furbo, parents from all over the world can now stay close with their furry loved ones from anywhere and at any time.

Facebook brings together dog lovers worldwide, allowing Furbo to reach potential customers from over 100 countries
Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide, including many world’s largest communities. From business communities to dog lovers groups, Facebook provides a platform for people to connect seamlessly with each other, bringing together those who share the same aspirations.
Furbo’s Facebook Page has over 230,000 followers. They also created a Furbo VIP Club Group to allow dog lovers exchange thoughts and user experience, and at the same time help Tomofun to better understand their customers’ needs. Furbo has shared a heart-warming story on their Facebook Page – a pet owner received Barking Alert notifications via Furbo App when his dog started barking continuously and found out there was a fire at home. The owner rushed home and saved his dog in time. He then wrote a thank you note to Furbo – though he lost his house, he was still very happy that Furbo helped to save his dog’s life. It’s stories like this make Victor and Maggie believe that Furbo can give peace of mind and joy to dog lovers all over the world.

Leveraging Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences and interest-based targeting, Victor and Maggie have successfully reached dog lovers and people who are in need of Furbo’s products worldwide. Facebook also offers a variety of appealing ad formats, which allows Furbo to automatically show attractive dynamic ads and Stories to target audience and build a strong and loyal customer base.
Facebook Page helps Furbo to connect with their clients, providing a great platform for customers to have easy access to Furbo’s service and products. While geographical and cultural borders might be difficult to cross, it is for sure that dog owners’ love to their dogs is universal and unstoppable. In the future, Furbo will continue to invest in product development and improvement, utilizing the powerful marketing platform of Facebook to enhance it position as the most leading dog camera loved by worldwide.