Hong Kong designed brand delivery startup goes global with Facebook


  Established in 2013, Lalamove is committed to make delivery fast and simple. In six years, the number of employees has grown from 10+ to 3500+ people and Lalamove has expanded its presence from Hong Kong to mainland China and Southeast Asia with over 2,000,000 drivers serving the customers all over the regions.
  Riding on the rapid development of digital technology, Lalamove created the first ever online on-demand transport delivery platform not only improves the drivers’ living, but also supports the businesses of SMEs. With Facebook, Lalamove connects the drivers and users, strikes the balance of demand and supply for services and goes for the broader global market.

Lalamove’s digital platform for delivery changed the business models and people’s lives
  Back to 20 to 30 years ago, people in Hong Kong would make phone calls to the van calling center for on-demand van delivery service. The operator would match the drivers for the customers by calling through walkie-talkie network and it would take quite some time to connect the drivers stationed nearby. The Hong Kong designed brand Lalamove, established in 2013, recognized the problem of inefficiency in conventional operation, the team decided to take advantage of the technology of internet platform to enhance and transform the on-demand delivery services business model. Indeed, the change of name from original “EasyVan” to “Lalamove” shows the disruption of light van vehicle business model from just being a call center to be a leading global company of digital on-demand delivery transport service, i.e. moving goods from point A to point B, in a reliable, simple and quick way.
  By registering on the app and joining Lalamove, drivers can pick orders and start doing business with their own light vans, lorry trucks or even motorcycle easily. On the other hand, by installation of Lalamove’s app, the customers can easily make request for delivery services in wherever local locations with a few simple and easy steps. Thanks to the leverage of digital platform, Lalamove has been helping many drivers in different countries to improve their daily living. One of the touching stories is about a tramp In Manila, who decided to change his life and by investing all he had to get a motorbike, he was able to have his own house after working hard with Lalamove for several years. Other than self-employed drivers, Lalamove also provides business solutions of professional take-away or collection delivery team services for restaurants and SMEs.

Facebook connects drivers and customers for Hong Kong brand Lalamove to go global for business
  Rooted in Hong Kong, Lalamove now has more than 2 million registered drivers and around 3,500 employees globally. Facebook as the digital marketing platform with more than 2 billion organic users, helps Lalamove to reach the drivers in different countries and cities and at the same time to connect the customers with demand of services. As drivers are the most important players, Lalamove would use different content and format of dynamic ads on Facebook to recruit and train local drivers even before the 1st order for services in a new market.

  For expansion and going global for business, Lalamove reaches overseas new users by using their strongest cross-border tools on Facebook to look for international lookalike audiences with historical data from mature markets to optimize for penetration to new market. By using the Carousel, photos, videos ads and Stories on Facebook, Lalamove produces and delivers corresponding dynamic advertisements to engage users from all over the world.
  Through Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages, Lalamove builds a community for the drivers and users. It not only enables users to communicate with each other, but also inspires new users to follow. This is the platform which provides Lalamove interactive channels listening to user’s comments and feedback for improvement of services.

  As a Hong Kong designed brand, Lalamove has successfully established its businesses in China and countries in Southeast Asia. Through Facebook, Lalamove’s drivers and users coming together to share about their love for their services. And this is just a testament of how Facebook can help brands build a community; and how a brand built by Hongkong, is designed by Hong Kong, and loved by the world.