Hong Kong-based startup Soundbrenner leverages Facebook to maximize crowdfunding results and successfully go global


  • 100,000: 10+ million units sold
  • 3 million: App downloads up to 300+ million times
  • 40: More than 40 physical stores under the line
  • 129: Products are exported to 129 countries and regions

Established by two musicians in 2016, Soundbrenner is an international music tech startup company headquartered in Hong Kong. It has been committed to helping musicians and music lovers all around the globe to master their craft by delivering high-tech music devices that can assist with the practice of all instruments. Nowadays, there are many companies in the market engaged in the research and development of music hardware and devices. However, only Soundbrenner set its eyes on software and manages to integrate hardware with software perfectly to create high-tech smart music devices.

With the strong support of Facebook, Soundbrenner has expanded its business to 129 countries all over the world within only 3 years since its establishment, with products available for sale in physical stores in over 40 countries. It has successfully sold more than 100,000 units of products through the crowdfunding platform while its app has won over 3 million users.

Start from Greater Bay Area, aim for global market with innovative and heartwarming products
Have you ever imagined “touching” the rhythm of the music? Soundbrenner, a brand established by musicians and for musicians, has turned that imagination into reality.
As musicians themselves, the two founders of Soundbrenner, Florian Simmendinger and Julian Vogels, realized that the existing music devices in the market have not yet truly leveraged technology to develop handy music devices for music lovers. And that’s what motivated them to start Sounbrenner and develop Pulse, an innovative smart and wearable metronome with a free companion app for music fans worldwide. With Pulse, musicians can enjoy more freedom and flexibility when controlling the tempo and playing instruments. By wearing Pulse, it has also made it possible for music lovers with visual or hearing impairment to feel the beat through the vibrations. Now with Pulse, music can truly be a part of everybody’s life.

Although there are musicians all over the world, they are independent individuals scattered in different places. Therefore, Soundbrenner’s mission is to bring better design and better technology to more musicians and help them connect with each other/ bring great design and advanced technology to every musician on the planet and help them connect with each other. To achieve that mission, Soundbrenner relies on Facebook Groups to build a community for music fans worldwide, where they can share music and reviews on Soundbrenner’s products as well. In just a few years, this group of people have become loyal advocates of Soundbrenner.

At the same time, in order to exploit the overseas market, Soundbrenner has chosen Hong Kong, the core city of the Greater Bay Area in China as their headquarters. With diversified talents and efficient logistics, Hong Kong is an ideal place for the development of Soundbrenner. Its proximity to Shenzhen also allows Soundrenner to tap into the technology and supply chain there.

The favourable conditions of Hong Kong as an international metropolis has made it possible for Soundbrenner to build up a multinational team of talents and sell its products to places all over the world. Since its establishment, Soundbrenner has leveraged crowdfunding platforms including Kickstarter to build a global presence and has successfully sold their products to over 129 countries.

Join hands with Facebook to build an online community and promote crowdfunding
If Kickstarter is regarded as the perfect sales channel of Soundbrenner, then Facebook is its best marketing partner. These two platforms are complementary and inseparable, both of which play an important role during Soundbrenner’s global business expansion.

Facebook has offered a complete range of digital marketing strategies to Soundbrenner, helping it to build a well-rounded online community. Soundbrenner has successfully created an online music community through Facebook Groups, and set up a Facebook Page to provide the latest product updates. It also utilizes Messenger to stay connected with customers.

In the meantime, Facebook can analyze the data from Kickstarter and automatically optimize the combination and placement of ads for Soundbrenner, helping it to identify the most potential countries and consumers. It has enabled Soundbrenner to seamlessly connect with a worldwide audience and successfully go global.

With the powerful Lookalike Audiences, Facebook has successfully helped Soundbrenner to identify potential customers worldwide based on the data of its existing customers. The Worldwide Targeting tool also helps Soundbrenner to discover their key markets, which will allow them to scale up the advertising in core countries or areas and maximize the return on advertising spend (ROAS). Soundbrenner has put great effort to make better use of Facebook’s marketing platform. Let us get to know more about some of their best practices.

  • Use video ads to attract a global audience
  • Every week, Soundbrenner’s staff will have a meeting to review the ad creatives and ad performance, so as to create unique and appealing video ads for their products and catch the eyes of customers from all over the world.
  • Dynamic Creative ads with multiple combinations
  • Dynamic Creative ads help Soundbrenner automatically deliver the best creative assets tailored to each market through combinations of different titles, images and creatives.
  • Necessary trial and error with objectives
  • Trials and errors are the necessary process for almost every Facebook advertiser. However, Soundbrenner goes through this process with clear budget plans and objectives, achieving remarkable results.
  • Keep pace with industry trends to customize ads for each market
  • Soundbrenner always tries to tap into Facebook’s latest advertising products and ads placement. Its multinational team also helps Soundbrenner to customize ads for each market, making sure that the customers can have a better understanding of its products.
  • Cooperate with musicians to increase brand awareness
  • Soundbrenner has been working closely with over 500 musicians, who play an important role in building brand awareness for Soundbrenner, helping it to win more customers.

The founder of Soundbrenner is from Germany, yet his great vision has driven him to come to Hong Kong, the core city in the Greater Bay Area and set up Soundbrenner’s headquarters here with employees coming from different countries. Soundbrenner is a highly international startup company, and the global mindset of its founders has enabled it to closely connect with digital platforms such as Facebook and Kickstarter, so as to sell their smart music tools to a global audience. With the seamless marketing solutions provided by Facebook, Soundbrenner will definitely continue to bring more smart music devices integrating software and hardware to music lovers worldwide. It is a perfect example of “Designed by Hong Kong, Loved by the World”.